January 11, 2018

4 Types of Window that Can Improve Your Property’s Aesthetic Value

January 11, 2018

You may not realize it but your eyes are drawn almost instinctively to the windows of a building when you look at it. This is especially the case if the exteriors look appealing. Apart from enhancing the look of a building’s exterior, not to mention increase the property’s value, having plenty of windows ensures that the rooms inside will be airy and well-lit, and not stuffy or claustrophobic.

If you are upgrading your home, make sure to pay close attention to your windows. After all, they are your first line of defense against the elements, and they play a huge role in your home interior’s insulation. The following are some of the most common types of window you can choose from for your home.

A Beautiful House with Well-Installed Casement Windows and Siding

Awning Windows – This type of window looks like separate panels usually at the bottom or on top of a main window, opening separately from the rest. As its name suggests, it opens from the top to create some sort of canopy or shade. It’s meant to create an opening for air to come in or out of the room and improve circulation, depending on which end of the window it is placed. These can be used in rooms that tend to be stuffy, such as kitchens.

Bay Windows – Bay windows afford you some extra space inside because it juts out on the side of the wall. Add a day bed for a cozy, little reading nook or a bay window table or booth so you can enjoy a casual hangout with a comfortable view of the outside. You can also use picture windows for this section, if you’d so prefer, or casements or double-hung are usually fine too. It is also otherwise known as Bow Windows.

Casement Windows – This is a classic example of window design. Casements open outwards to let in air and light, and seal tight against the frame when closed to prevent wind and rain from coming inside. The size of the casement window will determine how much of these elements can be let in or blocked, so if you want an airier and brighter mood to the room, get a bigger casement. It’s also very safe because there is a slide rail mechanism holding the windows itself firmly on the frame, so that it doesn’t fall off because of its weight.

Double-Hung Windows – They may look like a complicated contraption, double-hung windows are very functional. You can open either one of the vertical slashes to improve air circulation in the room.  Basically, they are vertical sliding windows perfect especially for those structures that are built close to another.

Picture Windows Windows aren’t just good for letting cool air and sunlight in, but also even picturesque views. If your property has a spectacular outdoor view, picture windows would be the perfect style for you to make the most out of it. It doesn’t have to be applied to the entire house; even just one room that everyone usually enjoys, like the living room or family den, can be a great location for a picture window. Its main purpose is to let you enjoy as much of the outside without actually leaving the comforts of your home, so its design usually takes up all the way from floor to ceiling.

Work with suppliers like Muller Exteriors Inc. so you can find the best type of window for your home, and see the wonderful difference it can make.


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