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August 28, 2017

Arlington Heights Windows: Picture Windows for a Breathtaking View

August 28, 2017

Picture windows sold and installed by Arlington Heights window professionals are perfect for homeowners who want a clear and unhampered view of their backyard garden or neighborhood. The scene that picture windows provide are unobstructed by frames, sashes and railings that most other window types feature. Like its namesake, picture windows have no moving parts because their glass panel is fixed in the window frame. This is the one distinguishing feature of picture windows, and comes with a whole host of advantages.

What is a picture window?

A picture window is a large fixed window–meaning it is stationary and do not open. An expansive single piece of glass comprise the pane itself, although there are picture windows with double or triple panes. The picture window gets its name from the way it acts as a picture view of the scenery on the other side of the glass.

Picture Windows for a Breathtaking View

Maximizing a picture window in your home

The picture window style can work well in any room in your home, and the many different styles available allows you to choose the design that fits the walls of your house best. Generally speaking, picture windows work well in areas of your home where you want to have a wide view of the outdoors.

Other benefits of a picture window

Aside from providing a picturesque view, here are other benefits of choosing picture window that you may not be aware of

  • Picture windows are built to let in as much natural light as possible.
  • Since the pain is fixed and air cannot escape through, picture windows are the most energy-efficient window styles available. Picture windows are completely sealed, which helps enhance your home’s energy efficiency.
  • The argon gas held between the glasses of a double or triple pane picture window keeps the heat out and helps maintain indoor temperatures, thereby helping make the home interior more comfortable
  • Picture windows come in a diverse array of frame and color options, simplifying the selection process so you can easily find a design that perfectly complements your home.
  • Picture windows can be seamlessly combined with other window styles so you can create a truly unique look for your home.

The picture windows manufactured by Andersen are beautifully designed and guaranteed to enhance the uniqueness and curb appeal of your property. They are also very durable, and well-suited for both new installation and replacement window projects. If you want to view Andersen’s picture window offerings, feel free to get in touch with an Arlington Heights, IL window installation professional such as Muller Exteriors Inc..

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