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December 1, 2017

Barrington Window: 11 Ways You Could Be Throwing Money Out the Window

December 1, 2017

Your home has unique ways of telling you about the updates that it needs. Sometimes it creaks, sometimes it drips and other times, it can howl. Your windows can be a common source of these “unspoken needs.” As a responsible homeowner, you have to listen to what your windows are telling you. Otherwise, you could be putting your home, your wallet and maybe your entire household in jeopardy. If you are experiencing any of the window problem symptoms listed below in your home, then it may be time for you to contact a Barrington window professional and have your windows replaced.

Barrington Window

  1. Broken Glass Windows

If you have a broken window pane, chances are you should have the entire window assembly replaced immediately, especially if your problem is an old one. Even if you made quick fixes to your broken window, such as covering it with tape, it’s only a matter of time before the elements deal additional damage to the glass, frame and other areas.

If the break is recent, don’t leave the problem unattended. Call your window professional and have them take care of your broken window immediately before your problem worsens.

  1. Rot

Your windows are supposed to protect you from the elements, not let them in without your permission. If wind and rain are starting to find their way inside your home because of your windows, you may want to consider replacing them. Inspect around your window frames and look for signs of rot and moisture. Even if they look minor, they can grow into a real disaster that’s expensive to repair.

  1. Overworked HVAC System

Do you find that no matter how low you set your air conditioning in the summer or how high you dial the heat in the winter, you’re still uncomfortable with the temperature inside your home? You know for sure that there’s nothing wrong with your HVAC, then your windows may be the source of all your indoor discomfort. Old windows with extensive wear and tear can be a source of drafts, which means your home will be unable to maintain desired temperatures.

  1. Outdated Windows

Your old windows may give your home that rustic look you seek, but they could be harming your home in ways you may not be aware of. For instance, they may be in violation of fire egress codes. New, larger windows offer not only a valuable upgrade to aesthetics, but provide the exit you may need in the unfortunate event that a fire occurs. And the increased sunlight streaming into your home doesn’t hurt, either.

  1. Fogged Windows

This is a problem only for double-or triple-pane windows. Fogging that occurs between the panes indicate that moisture is getting into a hole or opening in the window assembly that may not be easily visible. If this is the case, then the argon gas that makes the window energy efficient has escaped, which means your double-or triple-pane window has lost its insulating capabilities. The result is likely a spike in your monthly utility bills.

  1. Difficulty Opening or Closing

With time, the gears and hardware of your windows will eventually fail. Opening and closing your windows should be easy and a window that doesn’t function well is a pain. If the task is turning to be a sort of workout for you, perhaps it’s time to have your windows replaced.

  1. Loud Noises from Outside

Sound insulation is part of a window’s intended functions, so your windows should be able to significantly reduce the volume of any loud noise coming from outside. New windows of modern construction are especially good at this. Make your home the peaceful sanctuary  that you want it to be by replacing your windows. You may then have the nice, quiet home you are looking for.

  1. Windows that Won’t Stay Close or Open

Does your window require the use of some tool to keep it open or close? For instance, do you need to wedge a piece of wood to the sash or tie the panes shut? As mentioned before, operating your windows should be easy. Likewise, you increase your safety and security risks if you don’t do something about your never-closing windows. Avoid all the misery by having your faulty windows replaced.

  1. Windows that Demand Too Much Maintenance

Wood windows look elegant, but they require more maintenance tasks than normal. As they grow older, peeling and cracking problems can become quite common, which means you’ll spend more time cleaning, scraping, sanding and painting than what you’re used to. Avoid wasting your time with window maintenance. Replace your windows with new, easier to clean, and low maintenance windows.

  1. Unsightly Windows

Curb appeal adds value to a property. There’s no question that function comes before form, but modern, energy efficient windows also come with the added benefit of being more attractive than old, decrepit windows, which can enhance your property’s aesthetic as well as its curb appeal. If you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, a window replacement project may just help boost its resale value.

  1. Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows are so yesterday. Today’s times call for at least double-paned windows. Single pane glass windows are notoriously drafty and occasionally unsafe, but more than that, they often fail to comply with modern window regulations. They are also inefficient at keeping harmful UV rays out which means your carpet, furniture and window treatments will fade faster when you still have single-paned windows on your home. For your sake, update them to double-paned windows, preferably those with lamination or tint for superb UV ray protection.

Do any of these window issues sound familiar? Window replacement can be the solution you’re looking for. If you’re feeling unsure, get in touch with a window technician and obtain a free inspection. Trusted Barrington, IL window contractors such as Muller Exteriors Inc. will be more than happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation evaluation and estimate. Call them to schedule that potentially life-changing home visit.


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