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September 13, 2017

Barrington Window: The Importance of Proper Home Window Installation

September 13, 2017

Your home’s windows are a feature integral to your home’s optimal form and function. Without windows, air wouldn’t be able to circulate in your home. You won’t have any natural light, and you may not be able to enjoy the beautiful view that lies outside your home. Aesthetics-wise, you also won’t be able to maximize your home’s appearance and value if you don’t have windows in all the right places.

Proper window installation is important to the window’s peak performance, as is the quality of the material and manufacturing process used to build it. Barrington window professionals,like the ones you’ll find at Muller Exteriors Inc., are highly skilled and always install windows up to code.

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best window installation methods possible.

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When your windows aren’t installed correctly, moisture can build up between the window panes or around the frame. Too much moisture accumulation in these areas can trigger the growth of mold and mildew, and if your frame is made of wood, it will deteriorate and rot over time. Accurate installation ensures that your windows are properly attached and sealed so that moisture won’t have anywhere to accumulate. This in turn can increase the window’s lifespan considerably.


Incorrect or inadequate installation methods not only shorten the lifespan of your windows, they can also make your home look shabby as well. Getting the measurements right and choosing the right window style are fundamental steps to any window installation.


Windows play an important part in your home’s comfort. They work in partnership with your heating and cooling systems to ensure your indoor spaces are cozy as they can be. However, if your windows are haphazardly installed, conditioned air will escape from your home, thereby decreasing the effectiveness of your HVAC system.


When installing windows, a contractor must ensure that all relevant local building codes are met. Otherwise, the welfare of the homeowners and their families are put at risk. That’s why investing in the services of a trained and qualified Barrington, IL windows contractor is essential. When windows are installed up to code, the potential for home invasions as well as accidents are minimized if not eliminated.

Trusted Barrington window contractors like Muller Exteriors Inc. can ensure that your windows are safe, beautiful, efficient and long-lasting. Get in touch with them to learn more or obtain an estimate.


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