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December 7, 2017

Barrington Windows Replacement Can Be Done Even During the Winter

December 7, 2017

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for window replacement. A good number of homeowners, business owners and contractors alike, however, are starting to see the benefits of doing window installation in the winter. If you lean more toward the traditional seasons, perhaps you believe that you’ll be uncomfortable in your home when you have your windows replaced while the weather is cold. After all, without your windows, there’s nothing to prevent the bitter cold from getting into your home interior, right?

Actually, your indoor comfort while having your windows replaced during the winter will depend on the skills, knowledge and training of the Barrington, IL window professionals you hire. When looking for a window contractor, find out the standards they follow and how they’ll be able to keep your home warm during installation. Below are some of the steps that a certified window installation company is sure to take so that they can guarantee your home remains warm and cozy while they replace your windows for the winter:

Barrington Windows Replacement

Remove One Window at a Time

Since it’s winter, your contractor will have to be careful not to remove and replace all windows at the same time. Instead, the installers should remove and replace only one window at a time to limit the number of openings that expose the interior to the cold air outside.

Use Plastic Barriers

Plastic barriers are an effective temporary fix to prevent cold drafts from entering your home. For larger openings, such as a bay window, the installer should use floor-to-ceiling plastic barriers.

Keep Other Openings Closed

The installer should keep in mind to close off the room that is being worked on to keep heat loss minimal and limit the amount of cold air that may find its way to the adjoining areas of the home. Closing off the room means doors and other openings should be kept shut.

Practice Cleanliness at All Times

Your contractor should take the extra effort to cover and protect floor, carpet, furniture and other household items from construction and winter-induced dirt and debris. Gear and equipment such as tarps and shoe coverings can help ensure your home remains free from winter mud and moisture while they work.

Because having your windows replaced during the warmer months is common knowledge, some people may advise you against replacing your windows during the winter. However, the practice does come with certain benefits. For one, contractors are easier to book because winter months are not a busy season for them. For another, you get an immediate return on your investment, because your old, ineffective windows will be replaced by more efficient ones. Thus, your HVAC system won’t be overworked, your house will be warmer and your energy costs will be reduced.

This winter, call your Barrington windows professional and don’t let the cold weather get in the way of your much-needed window replacement. An expert Barrington window company, such as Muller Exteriors Inc., will be just as proficient in winter as any other time of year.


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