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August 21, 2017

Barrington Windows: Sliding Windows as the Perfect Home Upgrades

August 21, 2017

Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, allow better ventilation in your home while at the same time provide you with a breathtaking view of the outside–a truly unbeatable combination. As the name suggests, sliding windows have panels that slide sideways, making them ideal for areas of the home where a casement window prevents you from maximizing space, such as decks, porches, or walkways.

How sliding windows work

As opposed to casement windows that have panels that open either outward or inward, the panels of sliding windows open from side to side. They are designed for wall spaces that are wide instead of tall. With sliding windows, you can fill a wall with just a single window instead of having to purchase two casement windows. They also invite better air circulation when you open the panels in full.

Sliding Windows as the Perfect Home Upgrades

Sliding windows convenience

The panels of a sliding window can actually be removed off their track, as opposed to other types of window panels that remain permanently attached to their frame. As such, if you want more air entering your home during summer while doing away with obstructive window panels, sliding windows are for you.

Likewise, sliding windows don’t have annoying frames that get in the way of your view of the outside. They are similar to picture windows in this regard, but sliding windows offer more versatility because they can be opened, allowing you an unhampered outdoor panorama.

Want better energy efficiency out of your windows? Then sliding windows are an excellent option sliding windows sold and installed by quality Barrington window contractors have sashes that are designed to seal tightly when you put the window in the closed position. Sliding windows also have fewer moving parts, allowing for less maintenance and ease of operation.

Additionally, since the panels on sliding windows can be removed, it can be easier to clean and dry them, providing you with cleaning convenience. Simply remove the panels and clean them wherever you wish, whether in the yard, bathroom, or garage.

Sliding window applications

Use sliding windows anywhere in your home that you want to have a better outdoor view. You can even choose to have sliding windows indoors, if you want better accessibility and air circulation in your home. Quality sliding windows are sold by Andersen, a popular window brand. In Barrington, Andersen sliding windows are sold and installed by trusted local contractors such as Muller Exteriors Inc..

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