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November 15, 2017

Differentiating the Common Types of Siding for Home Exteriors

November 15, 2017

If you’re looking to do some property renovation, don’t be too focused on just the interior. Also take the time to go around your house and see how it looks from the outside. Its value, after all, also depends on the view from outside.

One of the prominent features of your house’s exterior is the siding. Here are some of the types of siding you can choose from to improve your property’s aesthetics.

Common Types of Siding for Home Exteriors


This is a popular choice because of the rustic charm and appeal that it pulls off. Whether you apply it as plank boards, panels, or even shingles, wood siding never fails to exude that classic beauty. It’s also one of the older materials used specifically for siding, which is why it’s known to be a characteristic trait for older houses. Depending on the finishing applied, it could also have a richer layer of texture, adding to its visual appeal.


This kind of siding is relatively modern. What’s good about it is that it comes in various designs and is more versatile in terms of implementation, as it comes in both horizontal and vertical panels. Applying the siding vertically gives the house a “taller” look, while horizontal application gives the illusion of a much wider space. As vinyl siding is synthetically manufactured, it can mimic other siding styles like wood or shingles.

If your house originally comes with wood siding, but you would like to upgrade and modernize its look, then going for vinyl is a great option. It can easily be retrofitted and is usually low to moderate in cost.


Metal siding used to be a lot more common for structures like barnyards, but it’s moved on from that limited use to a much wider appreciation for use in residential structures. You can choose between aluminum or steel for metal siding. It is easily accessible, low cost, and low maintenance, which makes it a popular choice for newer homes.

It’s also very durable, especially since newer models do come with special vinyl coatings for additional protection against usual wear and tear. If you’re looking for siding for your Schaumburg property, you can reach out to reputable residential roofing companies like Muller Exteriors Inc.



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