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November 22, 2017

Ideas for Installing New Windows to Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic

November 22, 2017

Homeowners renovating their homes usually focus on the interiors. They may also make certain changes to the structure and appearance of the house from the outside, but most of the time, they keep their old windows.

Home windows actually need just as much TLC as they play an important role. Not only do they help with insulation, but they also bring in natural light, which can significantly cut down on energy consumption. Apart from these functionalities, the style of the windows make a significant impact on the property’s aesthetic from outside. If you want to make an overall improvement for your property, here are some upgrades you may consider for your windows.


Casement Windows

This type of window features a turn crank that allows it to be opened outward. Depending on how dramatic you want the window to look, you can have large glass casement windows in your kitchen so that it will be bathed in light during the day. For shade, you can simply add blinds or curtains with designs that will match the theme of the room. Another apparent feature that sets casement window apart from other window types is that it can easily be opened and shut.

Picture Windows

If you’ve got the space and the view, you can use picture windows for your living room or den to bring the outdoors in. The openness of these windows also makes the room look a lot bigger and more spacious. Of course, it presumes that you do have a good view to spare, so if you’re growing a garden, make sure that you will maintain it well.

Bay Windows

This window protrudes from the house’s siding, which essentially gives you more space inside. Usually, the space is used as additional seating or is utilized for shelving and storage. A common design application of bay windows is to put it alongside casements or double-hung windows. This adds a pop of character to the structure, providing a break for the monotony of clean lines along the walls.

Double-Hung Windows

Seen in both houses and offices, a double-hung window features two sashes sliding up and down the frame. You can opt to open either the top or the bottom, without exposing any part of the window outside. Not only is it a safer choice for windows on the ground level of a structure (avoid any painful encounters outside with windows suddenly bursting open), but it also helps improve air circulation in the room. Just leave the top part open to welcome cool air, while the bottom part should help bring out the warm air.

If you’re looking to install new windows soon, make sure to hire a reputable contractor in Barrington, IL. The last thing you need is higher electricity bill and a constant need for sealing caused by poor installation.



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