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October 24, 2017

Maintaining Your Windows and Roof Can Improve Your Home’s Protection against the Elements

October 24, 2017

The roof and windows play a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, they are not invincible; they deteriorate over time, especially if not properly taken care of and the materials used to make them are low-quality. Having them inspected, fixed, and maintained by professionals on a regular basis can prolong their functional life and therefore improve your home’s protection from the elements.

Windows and Siding

Illinois is home to some of the wildest weather in the country. From blustery and cold winters to hot and windy summers, the weather can quickly impact any home that has worn-out or damaged windows and siding. Even newly installed ones cannot escape from the wrath of harsh weather in most parts of the state. If you living in or around Barrington, your windows and siding need to be made from the highest quality materials and installed by the most skilled professionals.

professional services for roof and windows

To keep your home comfortable and to lower your utility bills, you need to have old or drafty windows and cracked and damaged siding replaced or repaired. A home building and maintenance contractor can visit your home, evaluate the condition of the windows and siding and replace or repair them quickly. You should notice immediate improvements in the temperature in your home as well as the amount of your utility bills once the old windows and siding are replaced.

Roofing Services

Your home’s roof is also vulnerable to damage. Strong wind, hail storm, and extreme heat can result in different forms of damage, including torn shingles, leak, cracks around the chimney and loose flashing and gutters. These types of damage can cause water and draft to leak inside the attic, eventually reducing your home’s energy efficiency.

Whether the roof has been compromised because of age, weather, fire or other factors, you can have it inspected and restored with professional roofing services. They can respond quickly and determine what measures need to be taken to reinstate the integrity, value and performance of the roof.

Experience and Knowledge

Roof and window maintenance is more than just cleaning and coating. It involves quick repair to developing damage, which inexperienced homeowners may not be able to pull off. You have to make sure that there’s a contractor you can call when you need maintenance solutions. Professionals know exactly how it’s done and have the right tools to handle the most complex of problems.

You don’t want to entrust these important home improvement and maintenance tasks to a business that operates outside of the area and perhaps has no idea of what challenges you face as an Illinois homeowner. Reputable contractors that have been installing and fixing windows in Barrington, IL for decades, such as like Muller Exteriors Inc., may provide the exact help you need.


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