January 9, 2018

Vinyl vs. Wood Windows: Which Option Should You Choose for Your Home?

January 9, 2018

Whether you are building a custom home or simply need to have your current set replaced, determining which type of windows you should have contractors install can be difficult. After all, there’s a wide range of windows available on the market, with each type offering a different set of benefits. The sheer number of choices alone can be overwhelming, especially for homeowners who will be replacing their windows for the first time.

When talking about replacement window options, however, most homeowners in Barrington, IL tend to gravitate towards two options: vinyl windows and wood windows. Despite narrowing the field, some still struggle to choose which one works best for their wants and needs. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of both types to help you make the best decision:

A Beautiful Sunroom with Large Single Glass Pane Windows and Door

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have been growing in popularity over the years. Often made from UPVC, vinyl windows are abundant on the market. Many window contractors love working with vinyl windows because they are lightweight and very simple to install. What advantages do you get to enjoy if you choose vinyl windows?

Low-maintenance, Affordable Option

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners love vinyl windows is that these windows are much more affordable than many other options on the market. Despite the more affordable price, however, vinyl windows in Barrington, IL still offer durability that is comparable to other popular options. Vinyl windows that are well-maintained can easily enjoy a 20 to 30-year service life—the best part is that keeping vinyl windows well-maintained isn’t difficult.

Thanks to the material used, vinyl windows do not require frequent resealing. Cleaning is also a breeze since you only need to wipe it down with warm soapy water every few weeks, making vinyl windows a low-maintenance option.

Incredibly Versatile Designs

Thnks to the abundance of the materials used to create vinyl windows, manufacturers are able to offer vinyl windows in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. This allows homeowners to easily match quality vinyl windows to the overall aesthetic of their home.

Additionally, advancements in the manufacturing process have allowed manufacturers to create vinyl windows that look exactly like other materials, such as wood or even stainless steel. As such, homeowners who love the look of a particular material can opt for vinyl windows since it allows homeowners to benefit from the aesthetic of the copied material and the properties of vinyl at the same time.

Resistant to Rot, Pests, etc.

Vinyl windows have been especially manufactured and treated to withstand the everyday wear and tear that all windows go through. As a result, vinyl windows are resistant to both fire and water. Homeowners can be confident that the vinyl windows they have installed will not deteriorate, warp, or discolor easily. The material is also great at resisting other issues like rot and rust. Furthermore, vinyl windows won’t attract any unwanted pests, especially termites.

Wood Windows

Wood windows have been a staple in homes across the country and around the world to this day. They can easily be manufactured from a variety of hardwoods and are a popular choice due to the material’s natural beauty. They are also often seen as an eco-friendly option thanks to their energy efficiency and the fact that they are categorized as “carbon neutral”. What advantages do you get to enjoy if you choose wood windows?

Classic, Timeless Aesthetic

Windows make up a significant amount of a home’s exterior. This is especially true for homes that have a second or third floor. As such, it’s only natural to want windows that enhance the aesthetic of their homes—and that is exactly why wood windows are beloved even after all these years.

Simply put, other window materials do not match the allure of wood windows, which is why wood windows offer fantastic resale value if you have plans to move to a new home in the future. Additionally, the material itself can match any architectural style.

Great Natural Insulator

It is no secret that wood is a terrible heat conductor, making the material efficient in keeping homes insulated. In fact, wood is 400 times better as an insulator compared to steel.

Why is it so important that your windows are great insulators? Well, that’s because they trap heat and cool inside the house to keep it comfortable, especially during winter. This can lead to big savings on your energy bills over the course of the window’s lifespan. Over time, wood windows essentially pay for themselves!

Durable Choice That May Last a Lifetime

Some people tend to make a fuss about how difficult it is to maintain wood. The truth is that maintaining wood windows isn’t as difficult as it seems. In fact, proper maintenance is important because it assures you that you get the most out of wood’s longevity. Properly maintained wood windows can easily last 60 years or more. For the most part, you’ll get to avoid replacing your window throughout your lifetime. It’s even possible that the windows carry on to the next generation in your family. In most cases, a little maintenance here and there is definitely worth it.

The Verdict

Honestly, it really depends on what you, as the homeowner, are after and the budget that you’ve set aside. Both vinyl and wood windows offer a great deal of benefits, and both hold up well against the climate in Barrington, IL. As such, you really can’t go wrong with either. The best choice depends on what you want and need. Those who are willing to spend a little more for aesthetics and don’t mind having to perform maintenance are best suited for wood windows. On the other hand, those who prefer to be as hands off when it comes to maintenance are more likely to prefer vinyl windows.

If you are unsure of which option suits your home best, try working with a contractor that offers both types of windows. Trusted contractors, such as Muller Exteriors, Inc., can easily recommend the type of windows that could work best for your home and install your chosen windows properly.


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