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Since 1980, Muller Exteriors has been a family owned and operated roofing company that strives to provide quality work at a reasonable price. To take that one step further, our certified roofing contractor offers a 10 year labor warranty on all replacement roofing and siding projects. With over 39 years of experience, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Do you need a new roof for your newly-bought home but you’re having a hard time picking the perfect material? Do you feel draft from your windows? Or perhaps your siding is starting to fall apart and you think a replacement is in order. Your best course of action in any of these situations is to contact one of the leading roof, siding, and window companies in Chicago—Muller Exteriors.

When it comes to projects like these, never risk DIY. That’s the most unwise decision you could make, especially if you don’t have any background whatsoever in home repair or renovation. Leave that to the experts from our local roofing company to ensure good quality work that will last a lifetime. Rather than saving a little now and spending more on repair and maintenance tomorrow, why not invest a little more in professional services upfront and avoid future repair and maintenance altogether?

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What Sets Us Apart

It’s a huge relief, and sometimes a surprise, to know that you are working with the best contractor in Lake Zurich, IL and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, only a handful of contractors in this city can truly live up to their reputation. We at Muller Exteriors are proud to be among the few that can, and here’s what sets us apart.

  • Core Values. Our company is founded and driven by four core values—honesty, innovation, excellence, and professionalism. We will make sure to provide you with insights on every detail of the project, use the most advanced technology and techniques available, perform each task as if it’s our last, and work proficiently to achieve our goal.
  • Workmanship. We take pride in having a team of highly qualified design and construction professionals, which allows us to leverage our 39-years’ worth of experience to perform our tasks excellently.
  • Technology. While we preserve methods that we believe are irreplaceable in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, we continue learning and incorporating new technologies in our processes to make sure that our services are second to none in the business. (See the list of our certifications below)
  • Passion. This isn’t just business for us. Your home isn’t just another source of income for our company. We love what we do. We love making homeowners feel comfortable and secure in their own home. That’s one of the many reasons we do our job passionately. We take care of each home like it’s our own.
  • Expertise. Each of our worker has obtained the proper training and licensing to perform major home renovations, particularly installation, repair, and upkeep of roofing systems, exterior siding, and windows. We are confident of their capacity to meet all the demands of the project and exceed your expectations. (See the list of our certifications below)


Our Services

As one of the most trusted local roofing companies in Illinois, we strive to provide the best services possible, making our clients’ comfort and welfare a top priority. Here are some of the services we specialize in:

Roof Replacement – Whether you want an old, crumbling roof dismantled and replaced or an intact one retained and re-roofed, we’ve got you covered. Our roof replacement services cover all aspects of a roofing project from estimate and preparation to finishing and cleanup.

Roof Repair – Missing shingles, water damage in the decking, or even run-down chimney flashing, you name it. We are one of the few roofing repair companies that can actually tackle every kind of roof repair work and achieve great results.

Siding Installation – We offer a huge selection of exterior siding, including vinyl, LPSmartSide, cedar, and aluminum, all from the country’s leading brands. Our installers are all skilled professionals, too, so you can expect really great results.

Siding Repair – When the panels of your siding start losing grip from the backerboard or the majority of nails from the hem are missing, it’s about time to call in a siding repair professional to have a look at it and do some fixes.

Window Replacement – We also specialize in window installation and replacement. The materials and techniques we use are guaranteed energy-efficient. Furthermore, we employ the most advanced technology available to have your new windows installed in no time.

Soffit/Fascia Repair – Rotten or loose wooden boards that are a few inches away from falling off your head? Have them fixed by one of our skilled carpenters.

Patio Door Replacement – A patio with a broken door doesn’t make for a pleasant addition to your home. Let us fix that broken door and make your patio look great and safe again.

Gutter Installation – We build complete roofing systems, which include the gutter system. Using the heaviest 032 gauge seamless aluminum gutters, which come with a 50 year warranty covering the paint and coil, we are confident of the quality of our work. Gutter Repair – Fix that broken or rusted gutter to keep water from seeping in to your attic. Let us carefully examine your gutter system to fix any issues that can worsen and cause severe water damage in your home.


Of course, you can’t just take our word for it and instantly believe we can work wonders with your roof, siding, or windows. We should provide some kind of proof that we are really capable of equipping your home with the best protection against the elements. Here’s a complete list of our certifications:

  • IKO Certified
  • GAF Certified
  • Owens Corning Certified
  • Vinyl Siding Institute Certified
  • Certification in Lead Safety Renovation, Repair, and Painting
  • Andersen Window Certified Installer
  • Haag Certified in Residential Hail and Wind Damage
  • Attic Vent Certified
  • Certified in LPSmartSide Installation

If you are interested in our services, don’t think twice about contacting us. Visit our Contact page and fill out the form with your inquiries. One of our team members will more than gladly provide you with the information you need.

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About Muller Exteriors—One of the Leading Window Companies in Chicago - image photo on https://mullerexteriors.com
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Avoiding Home Repair Fraud

If you think you have been defrauded by a contractor or have any questions, please bring your concerns to the attention of your state’s attorney or the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

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