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As the climate gets increasingly more unpredictable, your building must be able to hold up against harsher weather conditions. One structural element that will have firsthand experience of the wrath of nature is your roof, as it serves as your first line of defense. The last thing you need is rainwater or snowmelt leaking into your home through a broken or missing shingle and wreaking havoc in its path. Even worse, the draft cooling your attic may trigger condensation on the ceiling, causing further water damage. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. A tiny crack can spawn various kinds of damage if left unattended.

When you find a cracked or dislodged piece of roofing material, it should be a red flag that there may be more problems than you can see and your home is under threat from water damage. Proper inspection is required as well as immediate repair, or replacement when necessary. Ocular inspection from below may do the trick but to deal with the problem altogether or come up with the best course of action, you need the help of a qualified roofing contractor. That’s where the leading roofing companies in Chicago—Muller Exteriors—comes in.

We Know All about Roofing

It doesn’t matter if it’s gable or flat. As long as it’s a roof, we know everything about it. Our vast knowledge of roofing allows us to deal with the toughest problems and provide outstanding workmanship when installing, replacing, or reroofing one. To give you a glimpse of our true expertise, here are some of the things we know.

  • We know that there are two main causes of roof problems—low-quality materials and poor installation. If your roof is made of substandard materials, you can’t expect it to last for long. Even the most highly skilled installer will find it difficult to build a durable roof with substandard materials. Similarly, if you hire an inexperienced contractor, you won’t get the results you want even if you use high-grade materials.
  • We know that different roofing materials have different levels of durability and weather resistance. Some last longer and perform better than others, while there are those that look so much better than conventional types. We can help you find a material that is both durable and matching to your building’s architecture.
  • We know that not all roofing companies can help you. Roofing installation, repair, or replacement is no small task. It takes many years of training and experience in order for roofers to be able to perform their job excellently. You will need the expertise of a roofing contractor that has been doing roofing projects for many years and has dealt with virtually all kinds of roofing types and problems. The fate of your roof and home lies in the hands of your roofing contractor, so it goes without saying that you have to choose carefully.

Our Specialties

As one of the top roof repair companies in Illinois, Muller Exteriors can install all kinds of roofing on residential and commercial buildings. However, we specialize in three amazing types that can surely provide your home with the best protection and beauty it deserves.


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Architectural Shingles

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The Architectural Shingles are a Class A, fire rated fiberglass matt shingle type that are styled to resemble a cedar shake roof. They come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and a Muller Exteriors 10-year labor warranty. This roof material is also available in a variety of colors. Unlike traditional asphalt shingles, this material has a three-dimensional texture built into it. Although a piece is heavier than the 3-tab shingle, it requires no additional support built under it. Also, it is much less expensive than slate or shake roofing, but it does exude almost the same look and feel.
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3 tab Shingles

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Those who are looking for a cost-effective roofing solution should consider 3 tab shingles. This roofing material comes with a standard 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, and is Class A, fire rated fiberglass base matt shingles. Like architectural shingles, this roofing material also comes in a wide variety of color choices. By choosing 3 tab shingles from Muller Exteriors, you get to enjoy a 10-year labor warranty. Even though 3 tab shingles are the most economical roofing type to choose for your home, it still is durable enough to withstand up to 60 mph wind. Depending on how it is cared for, this roof type can last up to 30 years.

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Cedar Shake

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Cedar Shake is available in three grades: light, medium, and heavy. It comes in two styles—machine-split and hand-split—to create the style you are looking for. This is offered to you with a 25-50 year manufacturer’s warranty and a Muller Exteriors 10-year labor warranty. There’s no denying how exceptionally beautiful cedar shake is as a roofing material. It radiates a rustic appeal that you can hardly find in modern buildings. This type of roof is perfect for homes in the countryside or buildings in the city that are meant to stand out. It even looks appealing on homes with gable-type roofing as the inclination helps showcase the fullness of its beauty.

Why Choose Muller Exteriors

Any homeowners prefer Muller to other contractors for many good reasons. Aside from having more than 35 years’ experience to handle all kinds of roofing tasks, we are also equipped with the most advanced machines and tools needed to accomplish the job efficiently. Each of our workers is insured as well so you don’t have to worry about them stepping on your property and starting the project right away. These are highly trained professionals so expect that you will be treated very respectfully from day one to the last minute of the project. Professionalism, after all, is one of the core values on which our company is founded.

Get in Touch

Don’t wait to see signs of damage on your roof before you decide to have it inspected by a pro. If there’s a need to replace your roof with any of the three roof types that we specialize in, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We cater to residential property owners in many areas in Illinois, especially in Chicagoland. Apart from roofing installation, we also do window and siding installation as well as siding repair. We are one of the few certified window companies in the state. Fill out the online form found in our Contact Us page. Whether your inquiry is about roof, windows, or siding, we will be more than glad to reply and help you with all your project needs.


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