Quick Fixes to Four Common Problems Your Windows May Have at Your Home

So many small things can go wrong around your Barrington and Arlington Heights home, from the busted front door lock that won’t let you in your home to the gutters that keep getting clogged up with leaves. All these seemingly trivial issues can have a huge effect on your home’s convenience, not to mention your personal sanity.

When it comes to problems related to your windows, some problems instantly call for the services of a windows repairman, but many can be solved using basic household tools and a little ingenuity. Take a look at these quick fixes to your window problems:

Cracked window pane

Prevent the pane from cracking any further by covering the crack from both sides with a masking tape. This serves the double purpose of preventing rain and wind from penetrating your home.

Window sash painted shut

Window painting is a task that many homeowners take upon themselves. If you managed to paint your window sash shut, break the paint by running a utility knife between the sash and stop. Keep running the utility knife until there’s no more resistance. If the paint  has penetrated deep into the space between the two pieces, push the blade of the utility knife all the way out and then slide it all the way in.

Swollen and sticking double-hung windows

Wood double-hung windows tend to absorb plenty of humidity during the summer, which can make them swell and hard to move. Use a hair dryer to blow hot air around the sash edges to shrink it. Once the sash has shrunk and you can move it, insert a small block of wood into the channel guides and tap it lightly with a mallet to push it outward and widen the channel.

A tiny hole

A really tiny hole on the window glass can be covered up using simple nail polish. Simply apply a little nail polish into the hole using the accompanying brush. Wait until it dries, then apply a second coat. Keep doing this until the polish is level with the window surface.

If none of these quick fixes work, then it may be time to call Barrington and Arlington Heights IL window replacement expert for help. Contact trusted window companies such as Muller Exteriors Inc. to have the offending window replaced.


How to Temporarily Fix a Broken Window Pane,

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