Roofing 101: How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement, Installation, or Repair Project

Many homes in Chicago use shingles for their respective roofs. After all, they offer good protection and decent longevity at a fantastic price point. However, even the most durable shingles will sustain damage and need to be replaced. When this happens, you definitely want to call any of Chicago’s top-performing local roofing companies, such as Muller Exteriors to assess the damage and repair your roof.

Take note that roof repairs can be big projects, especially if a large section of your roof is involved. As such, it is important that you properly prepare your home and your family for the project to come. Here’s a quick guide to preparing your house for a new roof or for any necessary roof repair:

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Let Your Neighbors Know about the Project

Prior to having any work done, you’ll want to go around the neighborhood and inform your neighbors about the upcoming repairs. That should be the first step to preparing for a new roof. Roof repair projects usually make a lot of noise as the roofers remove problematic shingles. Informing your neighbors about the repairs allows them to adjust their schedules accordingly or make any necessary preparations for the inevitable noise. This may not seem that important at first, but your neighbors will definitely appreciate the heads up.

Leave Room for Easy Parking and Access to the Contractor’s Truck

If you tend to park your car on your driveway, you’ll need to park it somewhere else while repairs are ongoing. First of all, debris from your roof may fall and hit your car. Naturally, it’s best to avoid such a scenario. Second, your contractors will need to move to and from the truck and your roof often as they work. This is to get tools, dispose of remove shingles, etc. Giving their truck the “prime parking spot” allows them to work efficiently and helps them complete repairs on schedule.

Buy a Few Extension Cords

The power tools that your roofing contractor will use require a source of electricity. Unfortunately, not all houses in Chicago have exterior power outlets. If this applies to your home, you’ll need to buy a few extension cords to snake through to the outside of your home. Generally, you’ll want at least three long extension cords so that the contractors can work on different parts of your roof simultaneously.

Fragile Wall Decor Should Be Removed

As the roofers work on the repairs, they will be using a variety of tools to remove the problematic shingles. The constant hammering and the vibrations from power tool usage may cause loose wall decor to come off and come crashing to the floor. Mirrors, painting, picture frames, and the like should all be removed a day before the repairs begin. It may also be a good idea to play it safe and temporarily remove fragile light fixtures like chandeliers.

Consider Staying Somewhere Else for the Duration of the Project

The loud noises and the dust brought about by roof repair can easily increase the anxiety and irritability of family members. Large scale roof repairs may also restrict your access to certain rooms in your home while the roofers are working on that particular section. This can easily disrupt your family’s daily routine. If you have family you can stay with or if your budget allows you to stay in a local hotel for the duration of the project, going with either option is recommended. This assures that you and your family will be able to stay rested and relaxed, while the contractors can work with no interruptions.

These are only a few tips on how to prepare for a roof replacement, installation, or repair project. Of course, your contractor may also have a few requests to help them accomplish the repair without a hitch. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice and their preferences to ensure your project goes smoothly.

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